SP MULTITECH INTELLIGENT HOME SDN. BHD Company is dedicated to the seamless infusion of technology with day-to-day living within the home to create a lifestyle totally unique to each individual.

Our team at SP Multitech Intelligent Home has an extensive background in the design, installation and integration of electronic systems including Structured Cabling, Multi-room Audio, Controlled Lighting, Security & CCTV and Phone/Intercom Systems, enabling you to be in total control of your home all at the touch of a button.

With that in mind, Intelligent Home has the ability to turn any home into a fully automated environment that is 100% user friendly, reliable and upgradeable so that your home is ready for the technology of tomorrow.


Sp Multitech Intelligent Home has receive many enquires from home owner that they are looking for security system for their home and also to upgrade the existing system, some also request us to assist them to evaluate if their existing system can still be use etc. As such we have decided to provide the home owner with very relevant information about the security system and what they must look for when looking for home security system.

Most home security system are divided into 4 categories


(ALARM) The Security system are usually integrated together where the alarm system are link to the phone and when activated the alarm system will call the owner.




(INTERCOM) Intercom system is install between the gate entrance and the main house. A door station is located on the gate post and the house there is usually 1, 2 or 3 handset. When a visitor press on the intercom, the handset will activate and the resident can speak to the visitor. Some intercom is even connected to the automatic gate so the owner can open the gate from the handset. In area where the owner cannot see the gate, Audio/Video intercom can be installed.



(AUTOGATE) Automatic gate system is the most common system that is found in most landed home. It come in either swing or sliding. A good system with proper installation will have a life span mean-time-to-failure of 5 to 7 years without maintenance. When there is automatic gate in the house, the driver will use a remote transmitter to open the gate.



(CCTV) CCTV in home are now very common. These camera are use as surveillance as well as security. Most CCTV system now used the Hard Drive to record and the images can be view from the home TV monitor or dedicated monitor. In the more advance system, the owner can do remote monitoring from the internet as well 



Door Access System

Access Control system means a more efficient and more controlled form of allowing only authorized personnel into restricted premises.



CCTV or Closed Circuit Television is another option to consider when looking at home safety and security. CCTV is the ability to have cameras placed in specific areas around the home and being able to then view these images on any TV within the home. You can now check to see who is standing at the front door before opening or make sure the kids are safe in the backyard. CCTV is an added benefit in providing extra surveillance of your living quarters that you would not normally have.



Phone/Intercom Systems
Effective communication from within the home doesn't necessarily mean installing an expensive intercom system, it can be as easy as using your existing phones in the home. A simplified and more convenient way to communicate with visitors to your home.



Alarm System

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